The 5Up Futsal Competition, is a new development program especially designed for kids aged 5, 6 and 7 years old.

This competition runs for approximately 14 weeks and is played on Saturday mornings at Redlynch Central Sports Stadium.  These games are designed for Fun and to encourage kids to have more touches of the ball so as to have a strong focus on participation and enjoyment while playing in a team environment.  This competition is a great way to introduce your child to the fast and exciting game of Futsal (5-A-Side Indoor Soccer).

Teams are made up of 6 to 7 players per team, and each child is given a specific team uniform to play in.

Games constist of 2 x 15minute half's and are played with a Goalkeeper and 4 court players (5-A-Side) on the pitch at a time with 1 or 2 substitutes per team; each player is rotated to have a go as the Goalkeeper every 5 minutes (depending on the number of players per team) to ensure that all players learn both the skills of a court player and a Goalkeeper (as the Goalkeeper plays a very important role in Futsal).

Each player is also rotated as the substitute so as to give every player the same amount of time on the pitch.

Players receive a training session once a week with their coaches; these training sessions are on Thursday afternoons form 5pm to 6pm at Redlynch Central Sports Stadium.  There is a coaching supervisor at the training sessions to ensure that all players are receiving the maximum enjoyment while still developing the skill needed to play.  The 5Up program meets all the requirements needed for each child to develop in a step by step process designed by the Futsal State Director of Coaching.  These training sessions may change in days and time for each individual team as some coaches may not be available on the Thursdays, the sessions will then be determined by the coach and the availability of the players.


  • Players will learn to participate in a team environment
  • Lots of touches of the ball throughout the full pitch – therefore increasing the players rate of development
  • Emphasis on player development rather than on winning or losing
  • Lots of goal scoring opportunity
  • Player one on one situations
  • Quick decision making experience
  • Freedom for players to express their individual flare
  • Participation for players of all different levels due to the necessity to pass the ball more often in Futsal
  • Opportunity for players to try all different positions on the pitch
  • Structured training sessions



WINTER SEASON - March to September (12 to 14 Weeks) 

The cost of the Winter Season program is $180 per season or $120 for Current Members

SUMMER SEASON - October to March ( 14 to 16 Weeks)

The cost for the Summer Season program is $240 and Includes 12 months Membership


This includes all game fees, registration, training, player team shirt, and end of season trophies for each player. 



  •  “Come & Meet Your Team” day for the new season is on THURSDAY 7th MARCH FROM 5PM TO 6PM.
  • There are 2 seasons for 5UP Futsal in the year.
  • There is the summer season which runs from October to March- entries usually begin in August.
  • And there is the winter season which runs from March to September - entries usually begin in February.
  • There is no training or games over any of the school holidays.   Fixtures are posted on the web site.
  • Holidays – 5UP Futsal breaks up for Easter, June and September Holidays.
  • Public Holidays – no sessions are held on public holidays, unless otherwise advised
  • Student Free Days – regular timetabled sessions will be held on Student Free Days.


We require parents who are willing to become coaches to help coach the 5Up Futsal teams.  All parents interested in coaching will receive a FREE Futsal level 0 (introduction to Futsal) course.

If you are interested in becoming a coach for this competition please call Tony on 0439 780 277.




For further information or if you wish your child to join the 5Up Futsal Competition, please call Tony on 4039 4378 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 








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